3 Ways to Put a Spring in Your Smile… for Summer!

3 Ways to Put a Spring in Your SmileThere’s a popular saying that spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

If you’re looking for a change in your smile this spring, we can help. Following are three ways you can give your smile a boost as you head into this season of graduations, weddings and family reunions.

  1. Get your teeth professionally cleaned.

Most people should have their teeth professionally cleaned every six months to remove plaque and help reduce the likelihood of it becoming tartar. Those who have periodontal disease may need more frequent cleanings.

Plaque is the film of bacteria formed when bits of food mix with your saliva. It accumulates on tooth surfaces and along the gum line daily. If it isn’t removed through home hygiene, it can harden and become tartar.

A cleaning performed by a registered dental hygienist includes removal of plaque and tartar, as well as polishing your teeth. We also inspect your teeth and gums for signs of decay and disease.

  1. Schedule an in-office teeth whitening treatment.

We are proud to offer the Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching System, an in-office system that delivers tremendous results in one office visit. Treatment results last a long time, and this system is effective against tetracycline staining, tea, smoking and coffee. You can learn more about this system here.

  1. Try a take-home teeth whitening product.

Another way to achieve a brighter, whiter smile is with Opalescence Go, a take-home whitening system of pre-loaded bleaching trays.

This cost-effective whitening option is great for a touch-up to a big event such as a wedding, graduation or other event where photos are involved. Because the trays come with the whitening gel already in them, they are convenient for taking on the road with you, too. Opalescence Go comes in a 10-day supply. The trays are worn for 15-90 minutes per day.

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