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4 Common Dental Implant Myths

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dental implant myths dentist ScottsbluffIf you are missing any natural teeth, then you can expect most Scottsbluff dentists to recommend dental implants for you. But, what’s keeping you from actually moving forward with replacing your missing teeth? Maybe you’ve fallen victim to some of the most common dental myths. Below, we’ve listed some common misconceptions about implant dentistry along with some more accurate information.

  1. I’m too old to replace my missing teeth. Tooth loss is no longer an acceptable part of getting older. You should be comfortable and confident in your golden years, with no worries about chewing or smiling freely. And, since we are all living longer, a 65 year old adult can expect to enjoy a dental implant for at least another 20-30 years. Now that’s a long time to reap the returns on your investment!
  2. My dental work never lasts. A history of bad luck in your dental health could make you feel leery about investing in dental implants for yourself. If you have struggled with poor oral hygiene, poor health, or hereditary issues, then you might feel as though you are simply doomed to ongoing dental problems. Fortunately, dental implants can’t get cavities and the dentist can work with you to prevent other unwanted dental problems. Your implants are designed to last forever, and you may finally be able to put your past dental problems behind you.
  3. I’m afraid of having implants drilled into my bone. The fear of the unknown is more common than you might think. Talk to the dentist about the details of the implant procedure. When you are more knowledgeable about the materials, medications, sedatives, and potential risks associated with dental implants, you’ll find that the procedure is not scary at all. In fact, it is highly precise, predictable, and successful.
  4. Dental implants are too expensive. When it comes to the financial investment, dental implants are certainly not ‘cheap.’ And when you think about replacing a missing body part (a tooth is a body part) with the expectation of lifelong longevity, you should expect to get what you pay for. Your new tooth isn’t a luxury item, it affects your facial structure, your chewing ability, and even your social interactions. The costs of a missing tooth can add up more quickly than the cost of replacing it properly.

Don’t let myths about dental implants prevent you from making a smart choice for your health. Instead, consult the today’s leading Scottsbluff dentists today to learn more.

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