5 Dental Resolutions for a Healthy Smile

Regular dental exams are essential for a healthy smile.

It’s still early in the New Year and it’s not too late to make some resolutions for better dental health. If you live in Scottsbluff and have already vowed to get more exercise, lose more weight, or eat healthier foods, then improving your oral health should be a natural part of the process.

Not sure which oral health resolutions are most important? The following information will help you to get going in the right direction:

1. No smoking
Compared to nonsmokers, smokers are three times more likely to develop gum disease. Plus, even if you are treated for gum disease, you won’t heal as well if you are a smoker.

2. Stay away from colas, even if they’re diet.
Soft drinks contain acidic ingredients that weaken the enamel and artificial color additives that stain the teeth. If you aren’t able to go cold turkey, try to limit your intake to meal times only.

3. Moisture is a must.
Drinking more water is great for your health and your New Year’s diet, but it’s also a good way to wash away plaque bacteria. Keeping your mouth moisturized with water and sugarless gum will help to prevent cavities, bad breath, and even gum disease.

4. Commit to thorough oral hygiene—every day.
Flossing is one of your most powerful weapons against periodontal disease, bad breath, and cavities. If you skip days or weeks of flossing, you may find that it’s harder to get back on track. Slacking off on your daily oral hygiene can also make your gums more tender and allow plaque acids to begin penetrating your enamel.

5. Regular dental exams are a must.
Vow to get into the dental office at least twice each year. These exams are critical for the early detection of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other health problems. These visits will also keep you motivated in your quest for better health throughout the year.

Better health can be yours when you tackle the issue one step at a time. Contact a dentist today to book your next exam.