5 Reasons Your Athlete Should Be Using a Mouth Guard

5 Reasons Your Athlete Should Be Using a Mouth Guard5 Reasons for Athletes to Use a Mouth Guard

Back to School season is upon us in Scottsbluff, NE, which also means some students are back to after-school sports. When you’re helping your student athlete gear up to protect themselves during practices and games (or gearing up yourself for an after-work league), make sure you remember the mouth! Teeth can take a beating in any sport, but a well-fitted mouth guard can help minimize damage to those important smiles. Even so, it’s an extra stop and maybe an extra step in convincing your young athlete to wear it. Here are five reasons to wear a mouth guard this season in sports.

1. Injuries are common: Out of all mouth injuries, The American Dental Association estimates that one-third of them are related to sports.
2. Mouth guards are proven to work: Using a mouth guard can help protect against these injuries. It is estimated that they prevent over 200,000 sports-related injuries each year!
3. They protect more than just the teeth: You may think mouth guards only set up a defense for the teeth, but they can also protect jaw bones, cheeks, lips, and dental work like crowns or bridges.
4. Mouth guards are not just for contact sports: They sound like an obvious precaution for contact sports like football, hockey or boxing. They also should be worn for any sport in which a person or ball could come into contact with the player’s face, like basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball or lacrosse.
5. You can choose the right one for you: If you or your student have been avoiding a mouth guard because the fit isn’t quite right, making use very uncomfortable, you’re in luck! There are several kinds out there to try, and the staff at Monument Smiles can even create a custom fit that will be comfortable and provide excellent protection for your specific sport and mouth.

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