Affordable Dental Implant Solutions for Denture-Wearers

Smiling FamilyIf your dentures are preventing you from living with freedom and confidence each day, then now might be the time to consider a better alternative. Ill-fitting dentures can hold you back from the lifestyle that you deserve, but there is a dentist in Scottsbluff who can help you to improve your situation with mini dental implants.

3M™ MDI mini dental implants are an excellent alternative to ill-fitting dentures because they provide superior, long-term denture stability. This is a welcomed solution for patients under the following circumstances:
•The inability to tolerate conventional dental implant surgery
•Severely decreased bone volume or insufficient bone to properly support full-sized dental implants
•A desire for a more affordable dental implant solution

There is no amount of denture glue that can compete with the incredible stability that mini dental implants provide. This is due to the fact that, without teeth, the jaw bone will deteriorate in shape and volume until there is no longer adequate support for a denture—even with glue. As the problem becomes increasingly severe, most denture-wearers find that they are incredibly dissatisfied with the way that their false teeth fit and perform. Until now, there have been very few remedies for this problem.

3M™ MDI mini dental implants enable us to change and improve the way that dentures fit, providing our patients with access to a truly dependable and long-term solution for loose dentures. The length and diameter of mini implants makes it possible to place them in areas where the bone is minimal, even in patients who wouldn’t normally be candidates for conventional dental implant surgery. Immediately after placement, the implants will be able to connect with your denture to create instant stability. If you or a family member are finally fed up with uncomfortable dentures, contact a Scottsbluff NE implant dentist who offers mini dental implants as an alternative to conventional dentures.