College Students Beware of Dental Problems

College Students Beware of Dental ProblemsWhether your college student has gone off to college in a faraway town or is staying closer to Scottsbluff, NE for their higher education, there is a great chance that they will experience a dental problem that requires help from a dentist before they graduate. A high percentage of college students will be confronted by one or more of these 3 dental problems:

Gingivitis. College students with less-than-perfect oral hygiene are prone to inflamed, bleeding, or tender gums. The stress of college life and lack of sleep can also be the cause of inflammation in the gums. Gingivitis is typically reversible with proper care, but can also mark the beginning of periodontal disease.

TMJ disorder. Stress can trigger some pretty intense clenching and grinding—the two main causes of TMJ disorder. The signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder include clicking and popping in the joint, intense headaches, and sensitive teeth. Most college students who can report an increase in their stress levels in relation to exam schedules and project deadlines might also report that they tend to experience more dental discomfort during these times.

Cavities. What college student doesn’t love late-night snacks and a little junk food? This part of the college lifestyle is the perfect environment for cavities. Frequent snacking and a diet that is high in sugars or other refined carbohydrates can cause a spike in a cavities—even in a student who has never had cavities before.

These common college dental problems can typically be prevented when students try leading healthy lifestyles and make healthy food choices. Regular (daily) plaque control measures like brushing and flossing, less processed foods and sugars, less stress, and routine dental checkups are good places to start. Since it isn’t possible to prevent every dental problem, students should pay close attention to any signs of swelling, bleeding, sensitivity, or pain—not just in the teeth, but also in the jaw joint, gums, and face. If there is any sign of a problem, contact a dentist in the Scottsbluff area as soon as possible.