Comfortable Root Canals?

The expression “I’d rather have a root canal” has been around for a while. You’ve heard it, and you’ve likely said it, too. That’s because root canals have a bad reputation. Scottsbluff Cosmetic dentist – Dr. Gary Cheloha, wants to change the way patients in Scottsbluff think about root canals. He offers quick, comfortable root canal therapy to save badly damaged teeth from extraction.

Damaged Teeth: Cause for Concern

When a tooth sustains damage from a deep cavity, fracture, or other trauma, the canals that supply nutrients to the tooth root can become compromised, allowing bacteria to invade the tooth nerve, or pulp. The resulting infection may cause the tooth root to die if left untreated. Ultimately, the only remedy may be extraction of the tooth and replacement with a prosthetic.

A Root Canal Restores Form & Function

A root canal can save a damaged tooth to restore oral function and eliminate the need for a replacement tooth. During a root canal, Dr. Cheloha removes the diseased tooth nerve and then seals the tooth’s canals with a safe, biocompatible filler. These steps alleviate the discomfort caused by the infection and renew oral health. A custom crown affixed atop the tooth restores the look, as well as the function, of the tooth.

As a forward-thinking Scottsbluff cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cheloha uses what he considers the best of modern technology to perform safe, comfortable root canals, including:

  • Rotary endodontic instrumentation, which employs an electric handpiece that eliminates the noise associated with root canals
  • Root ZX, a computerized device that enables precise instrumentation and improved efficiency and effectiveness of root canals

Discover the Difference

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