A Dental Coward’s Survival Guide to a Scottsbluff NE Dental Office

Dental anxiety is no joke. Sure, we’ve all made a few jokes about getting root canals and having teeth pulled, but for some patients, just the thought of having a routine cleaning can simply be too much to bear. Unfortunately, when dental anxiety is so intense that you avoid your appointments altogether, your neglected oral health becomes impossible to ignore.

Rather than watch your healthy smile go down the drain, work together with the pros at your Scottsbluff NE dental office to overcome your inner dental coward for good.

1) Start with a talented and competent dentist who is also understanding and kind. Ask for recommendations from friends and family members, but also call the dental office directly and admit your fears. The office receptionist should be able to explain the dentist’s philosophy for soothing the worries of anxious patients.

2) Distraction works wonders in the waiting area and also in the treatment room. Bringing your iPod and ear buds, a book, or a game can take your mind off of the sounds and sights that make so many patients uneasy.

3) Breathe slowly and evenly, even practicing your breathing technique if necessary. Fear sometimes makes us breathe too quickly or forget to breathe at all, habits that can increase the risk for hyperventilating or fainting. Take time to catch your breath and then concentrate on keeping it steady and under control during your visit.

4) Communicate your discomfort. There are no awards in the dental office for high pain tolerance, and suffering in silence can turn a simple procedure into torture. Just let the dentist know if you feel any pain, and the team won’t hesitate to alleviate your discomfort. Your dentist might also advise you to raise your left hand if you need to take a break during the procedure.

Uneasiness in the dental office is healthy and normal, but neglecting your oral health just isn’t an acceptable alternative. Follow these tips to calm your anxiety and then contact your dental office in Scottsbluff NE for an appointment today.