Dental Patients Can Avoid Denture Cream Poisoning

Denture glue manufacturers like GlaxoSmithKline have begun to remove zinc as an ingredient in denture creams, based upon reports that indicate a risk for nerve damage when these products are used excessively for many years. The company continues to stand behind the safety of their products when they are used as directed, but recognizes the risk for patients who use excess glue in order to tolerate a poorly-fitting denture.

For Scottsbluff NE dental patients who are struggling with a denture that slips and slides, it should be noted that there are a number of zinc-free alternatives on the market. In fact, GlaxoSmithKline’s zinc-free denture adhesive line includes Super Poligrip Free, Comfort Strips and Powder. Amid the lawsuits and the alarming research, the company will no longer manufacture or distribute denture products that contain zinc in the U.S.

Still, as the list of challenges associated with denture use grows, patients are turning to dental implants for a better alternative. A denture that has been anchored to permanent dental implants will never require adhesives such as Super Poligrip Original, Ultra Fresh and Extra Care, and other products that contain zinc. Instead, the implants stay in place by way of their integration with the supporting jaw bone.

For the 30 million patients in the United States who wear dentures, this is a welcome alternative. Implants can be used to rehabilitate the mouth after tooth loss, and they remedy all of the issues that challenge denture wearers: bone loss, sagging jaws, slipping, sore spots, and reline repairs. The most exciting aspect is that the combination of implants and dentures can be customized for each patient. There are some dentures that snap onto the implants and can be removed for cleaning, and there are some dentures that are permanently attached to a set of implants.

Dentists in Scottsbluff, as well as the rest of the country, are proud to offer a more dependable and substantial option for tooth replacement. To find out more about your implant and denture options, call to schedule a consultation today.