Denture Patients Now Have Dental Implant Alternatives

Today, individuals who are denture wearers are beginning ask if there is another alternative for their active lifestyles. Many years ago, dentures were the only option for replacing missing teeth. Fortunately, modern dental implants are a wonderful alternative to the conventional method for lots  of these patients. If you are a patient who wears dentures, your Scottsbluff NE cosmetic dentist can discuss the benefits of dental implants with you at your next visit.

Conventional dentures can replace some or all of your teeth, but there are limits to the appearance and stability that can be achieved with this appliance. Dental implants connections can be added to the denture to provide a more secure anchor for your teeth. Patients often complain of the looseness and uncertainty of the traditional denture, but they are finding that the use of dental implants provides a more stable anchor to help keep the denture in place.

Completely replacing the denture with dental implants is a wonderful alternative for the right candidate as well. Dental implants provide more aesthetic qualities as opposed to most dentures. After many years of tooth loss, patients tend to notice sunken lips and cheeks that are difficult to correct with a removable denture. A fixed (permanent) solution with dental implants can provide a fuller and more natural look that will not fade away. Rather than a denture, the dental implants can be completed with single crowns or a permanent dental bridge. This solution allows for many choices for tooth shade and shape as well.

Not only will dental implants provide a superior look compared to dentures, they may be a self-esteem booster as well. Denture wearers are often nervous about the denture falling out, or being seen without their teeth in place. Dental implants can alleviate both of these fears.

If you wear a denture and are looking for a modern alternative, your cosmetic dentist in Scottsbluff NE can provide you with more information on dental implants when you call to schedule your next appointment today.