Enjoy Safer Teeth Whitening with a Scottsbluff NE Dentist

Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dental procedure that is performed in dental offices, as well as in many homes. Whitening is both affordable and somewhat effortless in both cases. By contacting a Scottsbluff NE dentist, options can be discussed and the procedure can be explained in detail.

Positive results can be obtained with at home or in-office whitening. There are many different whitening options on the shelves of every supermarket. Most commonly used are bleaching strips. These strips are one-size-fits-all and are pre-covered with a low-dose bleaching material. These strips are great for general use but some care has to be taken to prevent bleaching gel from getting on the gum tissue, thus causing them to become sensitive and sore.

Custom bleaching trays are made at the dentist office. Dental impressions are taken and plastic trays that match the patient’s mouth are then fabricated. At home the patient is able to control how much bleaching material is used per tray, therefore preventing the gel from pushing onto the gum tissue and causing them from becoming sore and tender. The bleach material used is only available through your dentist because it is a higher dose of the bleaching agent, however lower than the percentage used during in-office whitening.

Both the over the counter bleaching strips and the custom take home trays will take a period of time, usually one to two weeks, before results will be seen. Bleaching will be needed periodically to maintain the desired results.

In-office teeth whitening is performed by the dentist during an office visit. After the patient’s lips have been pulled away from the teeth, a gel barrier is placed on the patient’s gum tissue to protect the tissue from the bleaching agent. A higher concentration of bleaching gel can be placed during the office visit because the dentist can monitor and control the procedure. A plus for in-office treatments is that the results are immediate. Usually take home trays are also recommended so that the patient can touch up at home as needed. There are different types of in-office whitening procedures, so consult with the dentist to decide which will produce the best results for you.

Contact a Scottsbluff NE dentist today to discuss whether store-bought strips, take-home trays, or in-office bleaching is the right choice for you.