Fight the Signs of Aging by Visiting a Scottsbluff Dentist

If you are longing for a look that is fresher and younger, don’t underestimate the impact of a Scottsbluff dentist. Botox and haircuts are trendy options, but your smile will never go out of style. Your teeth and smile represent almost the entire lower third of your face, so it only makes sense to start here when you are in need of a makeover.

Missing teeth or teeth that are set back too far can make the lips appear sunken and thin. The cheekbones will generally appear more too hollow and even small wrinkles are more obvious. Your smile can be rejuvenated, and stained, chipped, or worn enamel can be corrected in just a few dental visits.

Old fillings and bonding from your younger years can be expected to deteriorate, stain, and wear out over the years. It’s time to replace these restorations with modern choices that are stronger and more attractive. Silver fillings should be replaced if they have begun to turn the surrounding enamel dark gray or black. If your veneers are more than 20 years old, or your crowns are more than 10 years old, have them checked out for signs of wear and tear.

Simply updating your existing dental work to hide the margins and produce a cleaner finish can make you look and feel several years younger.

During our late 20’s and beyond, yellow stains will begin to dull the smile. The common culprits—wine, coffee, tea, and smoking, are to blame, but the teeth will naturally turn more brittle and gray as we get older. In-office whitening procedures can brighten the teeth and erase the evidence of our age.

A Scottsbluff dentist can perform a complete evaluation and recommend one or more simple procedures to reverse the aging process. Some procedures are designed to restore and reinforce the teeth, while others are purely cosmetic in nature. Find out which ones are right for you by calling to schedule a consultation today.