Free (or inexpensive) Dental Procedures

Free (or inexpensive) Dental ProceduresDental procedures have developed a reputation for being expensive, and dental insurance plans have developed a reputation for limiting the procedures that are covered. Of course, dental care isn’t always expensive, and the level of dental insurance coverage can vary widely. But, did you know that some Scottsbluff dentists offer a number of valuable dental services that are free or inexpensive?

Most dental offices advertise the most commonly requested dental procedures like cleanings, dental crowns, implants, and teeth whitening. However, there are some procedures that are available free of charge or relatively inexpensively, not necessarily for profit, but because the dentist is committed to keeping you healthy. At your next dental visit, ask about the following services and procedures:

Bite guard, denture, and retainer cleaning. A healthy, clean mouth includes the appliances that are worn to protect the teeth and gums. During your dental cleaning appointment, the dental hygienist can often clean your appliance in a commercial-grade ultrasonic machine to remove bacteria and plaque residue. This service is typically offered for free.

Oral hygiene instructions. For a minimal fee (under $50) or at no charge, the dental hygienist can provide you with hands-on instructions on the use of your power toothbrush, flossing, oral irrigation, and other methods of improving your oral health. This service can be provided during your regularly scheduled cleaning appointment or it can be scheduled separately as needed.

Fluoride treatment. Strong doses of fluoride can restore and strengthen the surface of the enamel where cavities are most likely to begin. Fluoride can also help to reduce tooth sensitivity along the gumline and around dental restorations. Most dental offices offer a preventive fluoride treatment for around $50, even if it is not covered by your dental insurance plan.

To find out more about the free or inexpensive services offered by your Scottsbluff dentist, call to schedule an appointment today.