Gum Disease: Early Diagnosis/Treatment can Prevent Problems

Gum Disease Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss? Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is curable in the early stage. If it’s left to progress, it can cause major problems with oral and overall health. At Monument Smiles, we believe is proactive dental care to stop problems before they start. Dr. Gary Cheloha and our team offer gum disease testing and treatment to prevent your smile from falling victim to gum disease.

The Importance of Prevention

In its beginning stage, gum disease is called gingivitis. It can cause red, puffy gums that bleed easily. As gum disease progresses, the bonds that hold teeth in place break down. Teeth can loosen, chronic bad breath ensues, jaw alignment is disrupted, and oral discomfort occurs. The most severe form of gum disease, or periodontitis, can result in tooth, gum, and bone loss.
Gum disease can harm whole-body health, too. The condition has been linked with osteoporosis, diabetes complications, low birth weight, dementia, heart problems, and more.

Gum disease does not paint a pretty picture. That’s why prevention is key.

Proactive Steps

At our Scottsbluff dentist’s office, we offer gum disease testing. The test is quick and non-invasive. You simply swish a small amount of sterile saline solution in your mouth and spit it into a collection tube. We send the tube to a laboratory to test for the presence of gum-disease causing bacteria. This “early warning” system lets Dr. Cheloha and our team administer proactive treatment to prevent or treat gum disease. You see, early-stage gum disease is curable. In the later stages, the symptoms can be addressed, but the disease cannot be cured.

Put Your Best Smile Forward

At Monument Smiles, your health takes top billing. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cheloha at our Scottsbluff NE dental office.