High-Tech Tools Increase Comfort & Efficiency

RobotAdvances in technology have made our lives easier. The field of dentistry has kept pace, giving us tools and technology to make dental visits more efficient, safer, and comfortable than ever before. In Scottsbluff NE, the patients of Dr. Gary Cheloha benefit from high-tech dental care, delivered with a personal touch and a focus on what’s best for each individual patient. Here, we highlight a few of the dental technologies you’ll encounter at Monument Smiles.

Laser Cavity Detection
Cavities are a major source of dental discomfort for children and adults. In the past, a tooth-by-tooth check for cavities involved a tool called a probe to test the integrity of each tooth, along with dental X-rays. But the probe can put some people off, and X-rays might not show early-stage cavities. Laser cavity detection with DIAGNOdent® uses a beam of concentrated light energy to detect cavities. DIAGNOdent® can identify areas of demineralization, which are precursors to cavities, as well as cavities between teeth. The scan is simple, fast, completely comfortable, and reliable.

Using Sound Waves to Clean Teeth
Dental cleanings are essential to keep teeth clean and healthy and to help prevent gum disease. Typically, a dental cleaning involves a lot of scraping and probing to remove hardened plaque, which many patients find uncomfortable. Dr. Cheloha offers a high-tech alternative called an ultrasonic cleaning with a tool called Cavitron®. This leading-edge system uses sounds waves to clean teeth. It’s non-invasive, fast, and a great choice for folks with sensitive teeth.

Advanced Testing for Gum Disease
It’s important to prevent or treat gum disease to preserve oral and overall health. At our Scottsbluff dentist’s office, Dr. Cheloha offers gum disease testing called MyPerioPath®. This quick, easy-to-administer test involves a quick swish of saline solution to collect oral bacteria. A laboratory tests the sample to identify the specific type and amount of bacteria that reside in your mouth. This knowledge can help Dr. Cheloha determine the optimal treatment to ensure that your smile stays healthy and strong.

Experience Leading-Edge Care
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