Laser Cavity Detection: High-Tech Dentistry in Scottsbluff

At Monument Smiles, Dr. Gary Cheloha delivers high-tech dentistry with a focus on what’s best for you. Advanced tools and technology enable the Scottsbluff NE dentist to increase the comfort and efficiency of dental visits. With DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection, Dr. Cheloha can locate early-stage cavities and administer conservative treatment to improve your oral health.

What does DIAGNOdent do?

DIAGNOdent non-invasively scans teeth for cavities. The tool also identifies areas of demineralization and other changes in enamel that can become cavities. The laser light emitted by DIAGNOdent can see into the pits and fissures of teeth to detect areas of decay not visible by conventional methods of cavity detection.

How does DIAGNOdent work?

As Dr. Cheloha shines DIAGNOdent’s laser light on your teeth, light is reflected back to the tool. This reflected light is called fluorescence. Healthy tooth structure reflects little or no light. Bacteria and compromised tooth structure reflects more light. Audible signals from the tool identify areas of high fluorescence.

What are the advantages of DIAGNOdent?

  • Laser cavity detection eliminates the poking and prodding of teeth with a metal probe, so it’s more comfortable than traditional cavity detection methods.
  • The tool locates early-stage decay, so more conservative treatment options may be available to you. For example, a fluoride treatment – instead of a filling – may be the recommended treatment to strengthen an area of demineralization.
  • Detecting decay not visible through other methods allows Dr. Cheloha to resolve an issue before it creates significant damage.
  • DIAGNOdent can be used on primary and permanent teeth.

What do I need to do?

Just call Monument Smiles! Our Scottsbluff NE dentist’s office delivers the comfortable care that you deserve.