How Many Veneers Should You Request from a Scottsbluff Dentist?

A veneer is a wafer-thin porcelain covering that can be laminated directly to a front tooth to recreate a beautifully sculpted and shaded new tooth. For years, the veneer has been one of the most celebrated and most desirable cosmetic dentistry procedures in both the celebrity world and also in our general population. It’s a procedure that enables us to erase esthetic flaws and redesign smiles, one tooth at a time. A single veneer is made to be applied to a single tooth, so why is the cosmetic procedure often referred to in the plural form of “veneers?”

The very best cosmetic outcome can be achieved when porcelain veneers are placed on the teeth in even numbers. While you might be tempted to consult with a Scottsbluff NE dentist about using a veneer to fix just one chipped or discolored tooth, a much better esthetic result can be produced when multiple veneers are planned. For this reason, during your cosmetic consultation, it will be important to ask your dentist this question:

How many veneers do I need?

Cosmetic dentistry is greatly influenced by symmetry and balance. During your cosmetic consultation, your dentist will evaluate the particular tooth or teeth that concern you, but will also consider the way that the rest of your appearance will be impacted.

If it is reasonably possible to match your porcelain veneer with the characteristics of the neighboring teeth, it may be feasible to plan for a single veneer. However, if a single veneer will make your smile appear unbalanced and asymmetrical, then it may be necessary to place veneers on the neighboring teeth as well. This is especially true where the two front teeth are concerned. Even the slightest difference between the two teeth can be detected by the naked eye when you smile in person and in pictures.

To achieve true balance and symmetry, your dentist may recommend placing your veneers in pairs of 2 or more for a conservative treatment, or veneers may be recommended on all of the teeth that can be seen when you smile for a more complete makeover.

For an accurate estimate of your porcelain veneer treatment plan, consult a dentist in Scottsbluff today.