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Dental Myths Decoded

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Scottsbluff dentists set the record straight about common dental myths: Myth: I want straight teeth, but I’m too old for braces. Fact: New orthodontic technology has made the process of straightening the teeth faster, more comfortable, and more discreet than ever. Plus, there are other alternatives like veneers and crowns that can give you the […]

How Hookah Smoking Affects Your Dental Health

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The Journal of the American Dental Association has released a report that reveals the true dental impact of the damage caused by hookah smoking. As trendy, new hookah bars open their doors in Scottsbluff, dentists want the community to be educated about the risks associated with this social activity. This form of smoking, which is […]

What Does it Mean When Dental Insurance Won’t Pay?

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What does it mean when your dentist has recommended a treatment or procedure that your dental insurance plan won’t pay for? Does it mean that the procedure isn’t really necessary? Does it mean that you should start looking for another dentist in Scottsbluff? Finding yourself caught between your insurance company and your dentist can be […]

Calling Dental Floss Into Question

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The recent media uproar debating the value of flossing has made for some great discussions in dental offices across the country. There are articles and news segments which argue that flossing isn’t really necessary, and dentists in Scottsbluff are using this publicity as a great platform to talk about oral health with their patients. Is […]

Free (or inexpensive) Dental Procedures

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Dental procedures have developed a reputation for being expensive, and dental insurance plans have developed a reputation for limiting the procedures that are covered. Of course, dental care isn’t always expensive, and the level of dental insurance coverage can vary widely. But, did you know that some Scottsbluff dentists offer a number of valuable dental […]