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What’s the Cost of Tooth Loss?

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You’re probably aware of some of the consequences of missing teeth. Maybe you feel as though your smile isn’t as attractive as it once was, or maybe you have developed the habit of hiding your teeth when you smile. Perhaps you simply avoid smiling or talking as much as possible. Missing teeth can ruin your […]

5 Reasons Your Athlete Should Be Using a Mouth Guard

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5 Reasons for Athletes to Use a Mouth Guard Back to School season is upon us in Scottsbluff, NE, which also means some students are back to after-school sports. When you’re helping your student athlete gear up to protect themselves during practices and games (or gearing up yourself for an after-work league), make sure you […]

College Students Beware of Dental Problems

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Whether your college student has gone off to college in a faraway town or is staying closer to Scottsbluff, NE for their higher education, there is a great chance that they will experience a dental problem that requires help from a dentist before they graduate. A high percentage of college students will be confronted by […]

4 Health Conditions that could Harm Your Smile

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The state of your health has a whole lot to do with the state of your smile. Changes in your body can influence your oral health as well. So, the next time that a Scottsbluff NE dentist asks about your health and medical history, keep the following health conditions in mind: Excessive Drinking — Winding […]

What Does the Color of Your Tongue Say about Your Health?

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Your oral health tells us about more than just your dental problems; the condition of your mouth also provides us with major clues about your general well-being. That’s why dentists in the Scottsbluff area are constantly monitoring your teeth, gums, and tongue for clues that could signal a generalized health problem, and the shade of […]