Scottsbluff Dental Office Fights Spread of Germs Amidst Flu Season

As everyone sniffles and sneezes through cold and flu season, you are likely doing all that you can to avoid getting sick. Washing your hands, fist-bumping instead of hand-shaking and refraining from sharing food and drinks are smart preventive steps. Still, we know that most infections enter our bodies through the nose and the mouth, so it’s natural to wonder how safe you will be when you visit the dental office.

You can be assured that the team at your Scottsbluff dental office is trained to manage and reduce disease transmission throughout the year, not just during cold and flu season. After all, the most contagious period of time for influenza and cold viruses occurs days before you notice the first symptoms. That’s why it’s not enough to avoid contact once we know that someone is sick. It’s more important to utilize preventive policies and procedures at all times … just in case.

Dental professionals observe a set of infection-control standards known as Universal Precautions. This means that all patients and all of the surfaces that come into contact with each patient will be managed as though there is a potentially infectious disease present. This includes cold and flu viruses and even HIV. High level disinfectants and disposable barriers are utilized whenever possible. All instruments that enter the mouth are sterilized by heat or chemical means, and then carefully packaged until the next use.

Hand-washing, gloves, and facemasks are mandatory during patient contact to prevent the transmission of germs that may travel by air or saliva. But, the safety standards don’t stop there! The surfaces within the dental office that cannot be covered or sterilized will be wiped down with hospital-grade disinfectants throughout the day. The countertops at the front desk, door handles, remote controls, cabinet fronts, chair control pads, and x-ray equipment are capable of spreading infection if they are not cleaned frequently.

Don’t let your fear of germs prevent you from seeking dental care during this time of year. To find out more about how the team at your Scottsbluff dental office is protecting your health, call to schedule an appointment today.