Scottsbluff Dentist Creates New Smiles for a New You

Smile MakeoverEven though you’re just beginning to settle into the New Year, it is likely that you are already looking forward to all that 2016 has in store for you. Will you be traveling out of town for Spring Break, taking a summer cruise, or planning a wedding in the Scottsbluff area? Just think about the pictures and memories that you’ll be creating this year! If you worry about the way that your smile will look in your pictures or if you are feeling insecure about smiling freely throughout the year, then it’s time to talk to a dentist about creating a better smile.

New Year, New You!
The New Year isn’t just the best time for a new smile, it’s the best time for a new YOU! A great smile (especially when you haven’t always loved your smile) can make you feel like a brand new person. It empowers you to smile more openly, it’s a positive investment in your health, and it’s a great opportunity to strengthen damaged or weak teeth.

What are my options for a new smile?
To design your new smile, your dentist will need to know a little bit about your personality, your health, and even your lifestyle. The dentist will also need to know a bit about what you like about your smile as well as what you dislike. During your cosmetic dentistry consultation, the dentist will recommend one of the following procedures (or a combination of several) to produce the best smile for you:
● Ceramic veneers to enhance the color or shape of the front teeth
Dental implants to permanently replace missing teeth
● Porcelain crowns to rebuild and reinforce badly damaged or very weak teeth
Professional teeth whitening to brighten the teeth and eliminate stains
● White fillings for an aesthetic solution to tooth decay or as a replacement for tarnished silver fillings

Get Started on Your New Smile
Creating a smile that truly makes you feel like a new person requires some planning. It is smart to schedule a consultation to talk about your goals and desires. Next, you can begin scheduling appointments for the appropriate procedures. Each smile is uniquely different, so details such as treatment length and cost will vary. Call today to set up your personal smile consultation and get ball rolling for a smile that will make you feel great all year, whether you are having fun in Scottsbluff or leaving town for a fun vacation.