Scottsbluff Dentist May Hold Key to Olympic Performance

The science and commitment that helps an athlete prepare for the Olympics is impressive. As we know, a great deal of an athlete’s success starts with a superb state of physical health. Unfortunately, while many athletes respect their bodies as their temples, many overlook the importance of excellent oral health in the process. Thankfully, your Scottsbluff dentist may just hold the key that can unlock an Olympic performance.

Studies have shown that poor oral health can influence the height of an athlete’s performance, with tooth decay and gum disease listed among the primary conditions that can limit your physical success.

As an athlete, your emphasis on maintaining good oral health can help to reduce an unnecessary and negative impact on your training and elite performance. Certainly, dental pain can hold you back, but some dental diseases do not cause pain although they can still impede your progress. The chronic inflammatory response from periodontal disease can be spread systemically throughout the body, and studies have shown that long-term inflammation has unhealthy consequences.

The physical and emotional impact of poor oral health can manifest in a number of ways. Cavities, gum disease, bad breath, enamel erosion, bleeding gums, and an unattractive smile can make an athlete feel uncomfortable and less than confident.

It is fortunate that virtually all of these dental conditions can be prevented and controlled through routine dental care. Regular check-ups and proper maintenance at home are essential for an athlete at any level of competition. Controlling plaque through brushing and flossing, eating well, wearing a protective mouthguard when necessary, and completing the treatments that are recommended by your dentist in Scottsbluff are responsible ways to protect your health and elevate your physical performance.

For any athlete, from community recreation leagues to 2016 Rio hopefuls, remember to add oral healthcare to your training regimen. Doing so will give you the chance to deliver the Olympic-style athletic performance that you seek. For more oral health advice, consult your dentist today.