Scottsbluff NE Dentist Can Shape Up Your Smile for the New Year

The hottest fashion accessory of the season isn’t new boots or even a new haircut. It’s something that works for everyone, goes with every outfit, and never goes out of style. We’re talking about your smile! If your smile isn’t getting the job done, now is the time to talk to your Scottsbluff NE dentist about straightening it up as you embark on an exciting new year!

You are in luck, of course, since modern dentistry now affords us with multiple options for perfecting our smiles and straightening the teeth—even without old-fashioned braces.

For adults, clear aligners have made straighter teeth a more realistic and acceptable option compared to metal braces. These aligners are customized to look just like teeth whitening trays and are barely noticeable even as they are worn throughout the day and night. They can be discretely removed for meals and they won’t interfere with your mature and professional appearance.

Millions of adults are enjoying the dramatic transformations that clear orthodontic aligners can produce, while their peers are completely unaware that the orthodontic treatment is being performed.

Short-term orthodontic treatment is another popular choice for adults who may be interested in straightening teeth that are only mildly crowded or crooked. The timeframe for this orthodontic option is typically about six months, and can produce better—but not ideal results.

The fastest teeth-straightening option doesn’t involve orthodontics at all. Porcelain veneers and crowns have been used to successfully conceal minor imperfections for many years. It’s a permanent solution for improving the appearance of the front teeth, addressing the size and color of the teeth as well as crowding and spacing problems.

Your next Scottsbluff NE dental visit should include a discussion about your teeth-straightening options. You’ll get answers to many of your cosmetic dentistry questions, and you will discover that your New Year’s smile is well within your grasp! Contact your dental office today for an appointment.