Teeth Whitening from Dr. Cheloha Creates Sensational Smiles

Are you preparing for a big event? Is there a wedding, graduation, or other special occasion in your future? To look your best, consider professional teeth whitening. Scottsbluff Cosmetic dentist Dr. Cheloha and the team at Monument Smiles offer take-home teeth whitening to rid your teeth of stains and reveal a stunning smile!

Causes of Dental Discoloration

The things that you eat and drink can diminish your smile’s luster. Coffee, tea, berries, dark colas, and red wine are a few of the offenders. Tobacco use dulls pearly whites. Certain medications can cause teeth to yellow, and the natural aging process plays a role, as well.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Gets Rid of Stains

Professional-strength bleaching gel from Monument Smiles penetrates the top-most layers of teeth to eliminate stains. The gel is safe to use and won’t alter natural tooth structure.

Achieve Your Brightest Smile

To get started, Dr. Cheloha will examine your teeth and discuss your bleaching goals. We’ll make a mold of your smile to fabricate your custom teeth whitening trays. You’ll receive a  supply of bleaching gel and instructions on how to use your take-home teeth whitening kit. Use as directed and watch stains disappear. Many patients see results right away, with their brightest smiles emerging after ten days to two weeks of use.

Following your initial treatment, use the trays as needed to keep your smiling looking great.

A New You!

Studies show that people with bright, beautiful teeth are seen as more attractive, confident, and intelligent. A stain-free smile can make give you a more youthful appearance and increase your confidence. There’s no downside to whiter teeth. Find out for yourself!

Call Monument Smiles in Scottsbluff, NE, today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Cheloha and discover your ideal smile.