The Future of Saliva Testing

The Scottsbluff NE dental office of Monument Smiles has recognized the value of saliva testing for the diagnosis of gum disease. Not only that, but they have taken the additional steps to become more educated about the procedure in order to offer it as a service to each patient. It’s exciting to take advantage of the technology that is available to improve your health. But, we all know that there are scientific discoveries taking place every day that will continue to enhance the level of healthcare that we can provide.

If a simple saliva sample can determine your risk for gum disease, what other valuable (potentially life-saving) information can be obtained from your saliva?

In your saliva, there are hidden clues about the state of your health, including the presence of diseases like cancer. That’s because proteins in your saliva contain RNA, DNA, and other genetic material. Similar to a blood sample, researchers can use saliva to identify a number of abnormal conditions in the very earliest stages.

Saliva is comprised of a unique blend of salts, water, and blood molecules mixed with proteins. This combination is what enables saliva to accurately reflect the conditions within your body. Medications, illegal drugs, hormones, and other substances are secreted from the salivary glands. The levels of these substances are the tools that provide amazing insight about your immune, neurological, nutritional, and metabolic status.

Although scientists realize the crucial information contained in the saliva, there are a few details that must be ironed out before the testing can be viable. First, scientists must unlock the DNA and RNA codes. They must determine which molecules are related to which diseases. Second, a machine must be developed that can streamline the diagnostic process of genetic identification.

The future of saliva testing is promising as it will ultimately reveal health information far beyond gum disease. Today, your Scottsbluff dentist can offer technology that can help to protect your oral health and your overall health. Call to schedule an appointment for your evaluation today.