Tooth Extraction Can Result in Improved Oral Health

Tooth extraction can be a crucial component of a comprehensive treatment plan to improve your smile. Having a tooth extracted doesn’t mean that you’ve neglected dental care. There are many reasons for tooth extraction. In Scottsbluff NE, Dr. Gary Cheloha performs comfortable, safe tooth extraction, assisted by an experienced, compassionate team. Tooth extraction is just one of the treatments in our comprehensive range of services at Monument Smiles.

Smile Big!

A happy smile is a thing of beauty! But if permanent teeth are too big for your mouth or don’t have space to erupt, problems can occur. If teeth force their way through gum tissue and find whatever space they can to emerge, existing teeth may be pushed out of position. Crooked, crowded teeth are more difficult to clean, which can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, tooth extraction may be required prior to orthodontic treatment to ensure that remaining teeth can attain proper alignment.

Preservation of Oral Health

Dental damage or decay may leave the tooth nerve susceptible to infection. A root canal is a conservative treatment option to preserve an internally damaged tooth. However, if the infection is not treated in the early stage, tooth extraction may be the prescribed remedy to preserve oral health and rid the mouth of infection.

Road to Recovery

Dr. Cheloha may perform tooth extraction to prepare the mouth for restorative treatments. In the case of full-mouth reconstruction, tooth extraction may be one part of a comprehensive treatment plan to renew a smile’s comfort, appearance, and function. Pulling teeth that are damaged beyond repair and replacing them with state-of-the-art prosthetics, such as dental implants, can restore a smile and change a life.

Get the Dental Care You Deserve

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