A Walk in the Park Could Land You in a Scottsbluff Dental Office

There are all sorts of stimuli that can cause dental pain. Heat, cold, and biting pressure can cause discomfort that ranges from mildly sensitive to severe pain. Sometimes, the discomfort can seem to be completely spontaneous, seeming to catch you off guard at the most random moments.

Regardless of the type of pain that you are experiencing, it is never wise to self-diagnose. You should take note of the factors that seem to trigger your toothache, and then get yourself to a Scottsbluff NE dentist for an evaluation. The information that you provide regarding your symptoms will assist your dentist in uncovering the problem and delivering the appropriate treatment.

As we enter into this year’s cold, flu, and allergy season, we are likely to see an increase in toothache pain that is triggered by percussion. Essentially, this is pain that is triggered by a strong vibration. If you have ever noticed that your teeth seem to hurt when you step, jump, or take a bumpy ride in a vehicle, you might be experiencing pain related to percussion. You might be able to reproduce your symptoms when you gently tap on a few of your teeth with your fingernail. This occurs mainly in the upper teeth during periods of time when you are struggling with sinus congestion.

The roots of the upper teeth are located in close proximity to the upper sinuses, and as sinus pressure increases, these teeth can become more sensitive and even painful. Suddenly, a simple walk or jog in the park can lead to a nagging toothache that takes the fun out of this beautiful time of the year.

In the dental office, you will be examined for any signs of the dental diseases that would cause a toothache. This can include cavities, recession, clenching and grinding, and gum disease. The nerve within the tooth can even be tested to ensure that it is healthy.

If walking or running is causing a mysterious toothache pain, schedule an appointment in a Scottsbluff NE dental office today.