What’s it Take to Replace an Old Dental Crown?

Dental CrownsDental crowns are fantastic for rebuilding weak or damaged natural teeth. Crowns provide complete coverage and support on all sides, and with good care can last for several decades. There are times, however, when a dental crown needs to be replaced. Locating a dentist in Scottsbluff who can replace your old crown is only the first step in the process. What exactly is involved in the process of replacing an old crown and why do crowns need to be replaced? This is most likely to occur under the following circumstances:

  • The old crown is cracked or broken.
  • The old crown is discolored or no longer matches the neighboring teeth.
  • Tooth decay has formed along the margins of the crown.

The procedure generally begins with the removal of the old crown in preparation for a new crown. It is very rare that an old crown can be saved or reused since it will typically need to be cut into sections as it is removed from the tooth. For your comfort, the tooth and gum tissue will be numbed with a local anesthetic during this procedure.

With the old crown removed, the remaining tooth structure will be prepared for a new crown. The tooth may need to be gently reshaped and the dentist will make an impression of the tooth to capture the tooth’s dimensions. If the crown is to be made in an off-site dental lab, the tooth will be temporarily fitted with an acrylic crown for a short period of time.

When the final porcelain or gold crown is ready, it will be permanently cemented to the tooth and polished to perfection. Generally speaking, the procedure for replacing an old dental crown is just as simple as the original crown-making process.

If you suspect that your old dental crown needs to be replaced, contact a dentist in the Scottsbluff area today for an evaluation.