White Fillings – For a Standout Smile!

It’s nice to be noticed – for the right things! Your smile has the potential to make you memorable. But something you probably don’t want others to notice is your dental work, especially if you have dark, metal fillings that show when you speak or laugh.

In Scottsbluff NE, Dr. Gary Cheloha creates standout smiles with white, composite resin fillings. Tinted to match your tooth color, composite resin fillings look natural. No one will notice your fillings – just your beautiful smile.

Dark is Done

While silver (amalgam) fillings are still around today, they’ve fallen out of favor for a variety of reasons. Studies highlight the potential for health issues caused by the mercury in amalgam fillings. We’ve also learned that metal fillings don’t perform as well as first thought. The metal can expand and contract in response to the temperature of foods and beverages. This movement can cause cracks that let bacteria invade. Plus, there’s the aesthetic component: metal fillings just aren’t attractive.

Into the Light

At Monument Smiles, Dr. Cheloha stays on the forefront of dentistry. He takes the time to research dental innovations and adopts the products, tools, and techniques that he feels benefit patients in Scottsbluff NE. White fillings have a proven track record of outstanding aesthetics, function, and longevity.

Dr. Cheloha places white fillings for newly diagnosed cavities. He also utilizes a safe, effective protocol to replace old metal fillings with tooth-colored composite resin ones. White fillings can make your smile look great. The composite resin protects teeth against future damage by bonding securely with natural tooth enamel and maintaining its integrity over time.

Bring Out the Best in Your Smile

Call us to schedule an appointment at Monument Smiles and discover the benefits of leading-edge dentistry in Scottsbluff NE.