Crowns & Bridges We use BruxZir and E.Max® ceramic crowns and bridges to correct teeth that are misshaped, discolored or weak, and/or to cover dental implants. These tooth-colored crowns and bridges restore to a natural vitality and strength that is unmatched in the industry.


About BruxZir

This solid zirconia crown is a strong, durable restoration that looks, feels and functions similar to your natural teeth. It can withstand bite forces without fracturing or cracking, which makes it a great option for replacing molars and bicuspids. Watch the BruxZir hammer test to witness its durability (see video below):

About E.Max®

This is another high quality crown that boasts strength and fracture toughness. It comes in a range of translucencies to provide a restoration that will look like your natural teeth. These crowns are ideal for incisors, molars and bicuspids.

E.Max® crowns are routinely placed in our cases where cosmetics are a high priority. For that Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of, ask for E.Max®.


Veneers are another option for fixing teeth that are discolored, poorly shaped, crooked or have gaps between them. Ceramic veneers are composed of thin porcelain and are bonded to the enamel of the front side of teeth. They are durable, have a natural appearance and are stain resistant. The procedure involved with supplying patients with veneers is more conservative than the procedure patients undergo when receiving full coverage crowns.