Scottsbluff NE dentist Dr. Cheloha fabricates several kinds of denture prostheses for patients who are missing some or all of their teeth:

  • Immediate dentures are fabricated prior to removal of infected teeth and can be placed on the same day Dr. Cheloha performs your dental surgery so you don’t have to go without any teeth.
  • Traditional dentures and partials are fabricated using lifelike colored teeth to provide you a smile and function that can make the wearer feel years younger.
  • Dr. Cheloha offers another popular option called mini-implants. Dentures snap into position to implant posts firmly embedded as natural tooth roots.
  • We also offer relining (Refitting) and repairs for “still serviceable” prostheses.

Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction may be required for patients for a number of reasons. Teeth are removed if they are broken or have decayed beyond repair by crown, fillings or other treatments. In other cases, patients may have to undergo tooth extraction because they have teeth blocking incoming teeth, teeth that create a problem during orthodontic treatment due to lack of space in the mouth.

To determine the best way to remove teeth that are causing irritation or other problems, we perform X-rays of the area of the mouth they are located. Most all necessary extractions are performed in the office. In rare cases a referral by Dr. Cheloha to a specialist may be warranted.

Implant Restoration

Dental implants are placed where a single tooth is missing. A titanium cylinder serves as an anchor in the jaw bone. Once the cylinder is positioned, two to six months are allowed for the gum, jaw bone and cylinder to bond. This new root is used as the point of attachment for the artificial tooth.


When a single tooth or multiple teeth have been lost, a fixed bridge restoration is a quick and secure method for replacement by using the surrounding teeth as anchors. Dr. Cheloha will fabricate a restoration that is strong, beautiful and durable.